A Work Of Heart

Time is a very precious gift, and photographs are the closest we can come to stopping time in order to look back and visually absorb the emotion tied to those special people, those heart-horses, those special places… those MEMORIES! You feel with your heart, but also with your eyes.

I firmly believe, more than any other material thing we can possess, that photographs are the only things that can become priceless in the blink of an eye. Ask anyone who has watched their child(ren) grow up way too fast and now lovingly looks back at the images from those precious, fleeting years, or who’ve lost generations worth of photographs to a flood or fire, or the person who grieves the subject within the photograph, and suddenly the image of them, preserved on photographic paper, is the only way they can see them. Photography is more than just knowing how to use light and clicking a shutter button. A photograph is so much more than paper and ink. Photography affords us the ability to look back on a treasure trove of memories, and that is not something that I take lightly as a professional. Photography is a work of heart.

Since 2009 I have dedicated myself to a high standard of care and expertise when it comes to how your memories are to be presented and preserved. I have taken great care to align myself with the best print makers and artisan craftsmen in this industry, so that I know when our time together is over, that the gravity of what I was entrusted with was given its proper respect – that I made sure your priceless memories were given the very best expert care and attention that I could deliver.



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